912 Architecture understands that every project is unique. Regardless of size or budget, we know that each job represents a massive investment for our clients.  As such, 912 Architecture works closely with each individual to ensure that every project  truly represents the client's needs and desires. We pride ourselves with creating architecture that is uniquely suited to the client's tastes while being visually appealing as well as functional.  912 Architecture has long sought to take the maximum advantage of the incredible climate Southern California has to offer. On any given day, and for most of the year, the weather is so desirable that it makes us want to be outdoors. In addition to indoor spaces, we advocate the creation of outdoor spaces that are an extension of the function within. Through the use of large sliding glass panels we are able to create spaces that can easily be converted from indoor to outdoor rooms. By creating buildings that communicate both visually and climactically with the outside, it is possible to be outside without leaving the comforts of the living room. 


With over 30 years of Architectural experience in the Southern California marketplace, 912 Architecture has the expertise necessary to fulfill the needs of a vast array of project types. While our knowledge of the local building community makes us ideally suited for South Bay projects, our experience in other communities from City of Los Angeles and San Francisco to as far away as Virginia, Utah, Illinois, Hawaii and Mexico gives us the ability to perform wherever the opportunity arises. We have worked with Home Owners, small and large Business Owners and Developers and we understand the unique circumstances of each client type. Residentially, 912 Architecture has worked on projects ranging from small additions and remodels to large scale multiple unit housing, with a focus on owner occupied single family residences. Commercially, we have provided architectural services on small tenant improvements to new multi-story buildings with experience in Retail, Office, Restaurant and Medical uses.


912 Architecture is a full service architectural firm offering a broad range of client support. We work closely with each client to tailor our scope to suit specific needs. From pre-design services such as site suitability investigation, procurement of entitlements through complete construction documentation and job site construction observation, 912 offers individual services to all clients. We have the ability to design in a wide range of architectural styles from traditional to modern and work hard to ensure that whatever the building type, the end product is functional and visually pleasing. Using the latest that technology has to offer, 912 Architecture has the ability to create 3D models and full color renderings to aid the client in understanding the design through all phases of the design process.